How to install and use TeamSpeak

This tutorial is unrelated to Minecraft, but being able to connect to the Kotoba Miners TeamSpeak server is mandatory if you want to join the classes!

I’ll be doing the tutorial under OS X, but it also works for Windows since it’s basically the same! So, let’s begin:

1: Download TS


Select the adequate version for the OS you’re using, so in my case I’ll be downloading for OSX.

2: Install TS!

Now that you have the downloaded file, just run it.

Well, since I’m running OS X, all I need to do is just drag the app into the App folder… in Windows you just need to follow the on screen instructions!

3: Run TS!

When you first run Team Speak, you’ll be presented with something like this, empty isn’t it? We’ll fix this in a moment.

4: Connect to the Kotoba Miners TeamSpeak server.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Make sure that you have already created a forum account, if not just hop in here and follow the instructions on screen.

After you logged in just go to your account page:

On the left side, near the bottom you will see “TeamSpeak Integration”

And you’ll be presented with this page. Just click the link to connect to the Kotoba Miners TS server.

You’ll automatically join!

Now you can add the server to the bookmarks! Just click on the Bookmarks on the menu bar then “Add to Bookmarks”

You should have it automatically placed in for you. Just click OK and when you want to reconnect just go to the bookmarks and select Kotoba Miners.

There you go! If you have any questions just ask!