When you log onto the Kotoba Miners server just walk straight forwards to get to our learning content!

Class times for all teachers are written on the board outside the ryokan. To check times in your own timezone either check the events calendar, or use the command /class info in game.

Head into the ryokan and you will be teleported to a room where you can choose your JP building. Go through the portal to JP1 and you are ready to start learning!

The JP buildings go from JP1 to JP10. Each floor is a lessons worth of content. The buildings are surrounded with activities relating to the teaching material inside.

The course is designed to teach you all the grammar points necessary for passing the JLPT N5. Along the way you will have fun participating in a number of activities designed to get you speaking!

Course content by building

JP1 Content
JP2 Content
JP3 Content
JP4 Content
JP5 Content
JP6 Content
JP7 Content
JP8 Content
JP9 Content
JP10 Content
Floor Content
1 Useful phrases and greetings
2 Colours
3 X is Y (XはYです。)
4 X is not Y (XはYじゃない)
5 Possessive の (わたしのなまえ)
6 Numbers (1 – 999)
7 “X of Y” with the の particle
Floor Content
1 Hiragana and Katakana
2 I like X (Xが好きです)
3 I don’t like X (Xがすきじゃないです)
4 Question making with か:Do you like X? (Xは好きですか)
5 これ、それ、あれ、どれこの、その、あの、どの
6 ここ、そこ、あそこ、どこ
7 Shopping Role play | Countersいくらなにを(ください)どう/いかが
Floor Content
1 House vocabulary and introductionsこれはXです|ここでXをする
2 Introduction to verbs
3 Verb polite forms(ます|ません|ました|ませんでした)
4 Prepositionsうえ|した|みぎ|ひだり
5 AdventureJP!(An adventure that uses all the wordsyou have learnt up until this point)
Floor Content
1 More Counters
2 Plain past tense for verbs行く –> 行った食べる –> 食べた
3 い and な AdjectivesPositive and negative:青い –> 青くない元気 –> 元気じゃない
4 Existence with ある and いるPlaceにXがある/いるXはPlaceにある/いる〜がない
5 Something, no one(だれか・だれも)something, nothing(なにか・なにも)
Floor Content
1 Stringing adjectives together:青くて甘い危険危ない
2 Body parts and clothes
3 Potential form泳ぐ –> 泳げる
4 Directions
5 Negative plain form of verbs行く –> いかない
6 Past tense of adjectives青い –> 青かったきれい –> きれいだった
Floor Content
1 Adverbs and daily scheduleいつも|よく|ときどき|あまり|ぜんぜん
2 Showing where an action takes placewith the で particle毎朝スタバコーヒーを飲む
3 Days of the weekPlanning a meeting
4 Asking for and giving advice行きましょう!行きましょうか。
5 Daily activities test
Floor Content
1 More adverbsちょっと|大(好き)|とても|超!
2 Planning a day out with friends
3 The て form〜てください|〜ないでください〜てもいいですか
4 Embedding clauses in larger sentences雪を見るのが好きです。
5 Because / Soから|ので
6 Dates
Floor Content
1 Present progressive form食べている
2 The で particle in more detailナイフ切るケーキは2個100円
3 The verb なるFIREWORKS CLASS!!
4 Saying only with だけ / しか
5 Expressing desire withほしい | 〜たい
Floor Content
1 All about time〜した
2 All about BUT!が、しかしけど、でも
3 Relative pronounsイギリスで会った男(The boy who I met in the UK)
4 ComparisonsXよりY
5 I don’t know if…Xか、わかりません
Floor Content
1 Presentation about your hobby
2 Re-create a famous movie scene
3 I think…〜と思います
4 Quoting someone withという|と聞いた
5 Doing things for others with〜てあげる|〜てくれる|〜てもらう